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Q: Are You Qualified?

A:Yes - Mike Woodbridge is qualified, licensed and experienced.

Mike is
 a member of Home Inspectors Association BC (HIA).

In order to become an AHI (HIA’s top classification of inspector), Mike completed extensive studies, did both classroom and on-the-job training, passed a series of 7 formal, proctored exams and had 250 completed inspections verified.

Mike has over 25 years of experience as a professional in construction.

After qualifying as a registered architect (
#054058G) in 1987 in England, Mike worked in architecture for 10 years in England and 6 years in Vancouver. Mike retrained as a home inspector in Vancouver and started Woodbridge Inspection in 2006. He previously taught Home Inspection courses at Douglas College and BCIT.

Mike is also a trained and experienced commercial property inspector.

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