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A few of the commercial buildings Woodbridge Inspection
has reported on

Commercial Building Inspections:

Clients including purchasers, tenants, owners, and others rely on Woodbridge Inspection for professional and concise assessment of the physical condition of commercial buildings. The photos to the right show some of the properties
Mike has reported on. Inspections typically follow the industry standard
ASTM E2018) format of a Property Condition Assessment, consisting of background research, an on site review and a comprehensive report. However,
we know that individual client’s needs vary and we are used to understanding
​and fulfilling them; please call to discuss.

Mike Woodbridge’s 25 years experience as a professional in construction makes him well qualified to assess commercial buildings. After completing the 7 years of formal training to become a UK registered architect, he spent 10 years in England, then 6 years in Vancouver designing & preparing construction documents for a wide variety of buildings, and supervising their construction on site. Since starting his inspection company in 2006 he has worked full time reporting on the condition of buildings.

When doing commercial building inspections
Woodbridge Inspection tends to focus on buildings that can be successfully inspected by one person with the thorough, general knowledge of buildings that Mike has built up. No individual has current, expert knowledge of all disciplines, so if necessary specialist consultants in Fire Protection, Code, Elevator and complex HVAC equipment can be brought in to provide a team approach.

A typical Property Condition Assessment covers Site, Structure, Walls, Windows, Doors, Roof, Plumbing, Heating and Electrical systems. The goal is to inform the client of any significant physical deficiencies. According to the ASTM standard, a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) is intended to reduce, but not eliminate, the uncertainty regarding the problems with components or systems in the building. Testing, calculation and design are outside the scope of a PCA.